TIES API v1 Documentation
This document provides details for accessing the TIES API. You will need your Ties issued API Key and Secret Key in order to authenticate against the RESTful Ties API. NOTE: you should never share your secret key with anyone outside your organization.
Using .NET

GET /Students/Family/{currentPage}?optional_parameters
The endpoint provides access for retrieving student family information.

Required Headers (details)

Authorization: TIES APIKey:Signature
DistrictNumber: 8999 (example district)
ties-date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 17:03:44 GMT (example date)
Optional Parameters
Any of the below parameters can be used to filter the results.
  • studentids
  • familyid
  • primaryfamily
Click here for an example of the Family object response
Optional Parameters
Below are all the optional querystring parameters for use with the API endpoint. NOTE - pay attention to the individual endpoint pages to know which of these optional parameters can be used with the different endpoints

Enrollment Date

&EnrollmentDate=yyyyMMdd (20101129) (int)

School Year

&SchoolYear=yyyy (int)

School Id

&SchoolId=XXX (string)

Counselor Id

&CounselorId=XXX (int)

Teacher Id

&TeacherId=XXX (int)

House Id

&HouseId=XXX (string)

Group Id

&GroupId=XXX (decimal)


&StudentIds=XXX,XXX,XXX (comma-separated list of student ids)

Student Name

&studentname=XXX (string, performs wildcard search)


&grade=XX (string; 01-12)

Ethnicity Id

ðnicityid=XX (int)


&gender=X (string, M or F)

Gifted & Talented


Special Ed


Title 1


Language English Proficiency



&familyid=XXXX (decimal)


Optional Sorting Parameters
When retrieving more than one result, you can use these parameters to manage what you receive back.

Results Per Page

&rpp=XXX (int, number of results per page)

Order By

&orderby=XXX (string, column to sort the results by)

Sort Direction

&orderby=asc|desc (asc or desc sorting)